泰 (tài)  ䷊ 

In my therapies, I most often encounter a demand for an increased prosperity and for a hexagram of prosperity. This article explains what the PROSPERITY hexagram means and how it is used.

Your view of this hexagram is often the following: You are getting along badly, you want to be financially successful, your business, family, relationship, hobby stagnates etc., and you want prosperity. You are assuming that the Prosperity hexagram will help you and you will start prospering in areas where you’re not doing well.

The correct meaning of the PROSPERITY hexagram is that it acts on, increases and multiplies all its bearer’s energies – he/she flourishes. However, IN EVERYTHING. And be careful about that. It means that if you are full of worries, fear, negativity, blocks, and you want to be prosperous and draw or have tattooed this hexagram, while you cannot control your emotions, it multiplies and strengthens even these negative emotions.

The power of this hexagram does not have its mind; it works with all emotions, whether positive or negative, and affects them. If you are emotionally balanced, self-confident, you know what you want from life, you have full responsibility for your life and you do self-analysis, meditation, you can control yourself at the moment – then YES – the hexagram is suitable for you.

However, if you are emotionally exasperated, explosive, often nervous, disgruntled about tiny mistakes or obstacles, you should IN NO WAY use the PROSPERITY hexagram. It will multiply this energy. Here I recommend that you use other hexagrams to reach your prosperity.

The second aspect of this hexagram is where you draw it. Each hexagram has its place on the body where it should be drawn. Drawing the hexagram on the wrong place often has fatal consequences, especially when it is tattooed.

I myself think very well whether I am in an emotional mood to use this hexagram in certain situations for myself.

The power of hexagrams is enormous and often underestimated in our culture, but it is important to know how to use it correctly.

I will be happy to answer your questions about I-ching and using the power of hexagrams.