Thank you very much for our dinner time. Slavka is very elegant, educated, beautiful woman. Conversation with she is fruitful, friendly, respectful, she is very professional companion. We spent a lot of interesting time together. In all, I thank you.

Romantic evening - Helsinki, Finland

. Slavka-Laura is very intuitive and knew from our few words, what I needed to get the most from my massage and treatments. She was very willing to share her extensive knowledge. If you have never heard of Dragon woman … Read More

Patric - NY

You are a phenomenal woman and a professional. Your knowledge of Iting and energy is exceptional. I feel great and of course I apply your advice every day. You approach the body very responsibly and with respect. Again, we see … Read More

Dragon woman therapy - Tokio, Japan

Cette femme est absolument phénoménale! C’est Laura qui était une vrais V.I.P du meeting et la déesse de la sensualité. Elle sait ce qu’il vous faut et maitrise à merveille. En plus elle masse super bien, j’entends au sens massage … Read More

Matthieu, France

My tantra training Laura has been my teacher of tantric massage, breathing and meditation techniques for 6 months. I had known a lot about tantra, but the way Laura has explained the philosophy of tantra to me touched me a … Read More

Bernard – Portugal

I love meeting Laura. Her touch is intense, her massage is exceptional. My favourites include the Delights of Egyptian kings. My body is pampered all the time, intense feelings go through my whole body. I booked the whole meeting in … Read More

Ambriel – NY USA

J’aime rencontrer Laura. Son toucher est intense, son massage est exceptionnel. Mes favoris incluent les Plaisirs des rois égyptiens. Mon corps est choyé tout le temps, des sentiments intenses traversent tout mon corps. J’ai réservé toute la réunion à l’avance. … Read More

Jean Paris

BONDABODY Laura offre une grande variété de massages extraordinaires. De son offre j’ai choisi le massage Bondabody. Pour ceux qui aiment les jeux sensuels animés avec des techniques de bondage, Bondabody est un excellent choix. Le massage a un haut … Read More

Leonard France

MUMMISAGE AND DARK TANTRA Lauran tapasin Tampereella. Selvennykseksi sanottakoon vielä, että oli siis Lauroista erityisesti erilaisia tantrahoitoja tarjoava goddess of touch ( google ). Oli kyllä kaikkien ylisanojen mukainen, mitä olen rapsoja lueskellut. Repertuaari on sellainen, että valinnan vaikeus iski. … Read More

RAMPE - Tampere Finland

I want to express my great thanks for the time I could spend in your presence. The extra moments I experienced are still very intense in my memories. Your miraculous hands and the energy they create are incredible. I do … Read More

William - Toronto


Thank you very much for your time and the best massage. You control your work with the female body so perfectly, I have survived wonderful feelings, every touch is a respect for the body. I felt like a goddess. I … Read More

Touch of cleopatra – Selena - Stockholm

Thank you very much Slavka – Laura for our therapy. You showed me, how nice I m, you showed me my true feeling, you taught me to respect yourself. I was repad as young girl and you helped me again … Read More



Hi Laura, I would like to thank You for the interesting, useful and enjoyable session on Thursday. It was very interesting to talk to You about how to move energy around and how to prepare for the session. It was … Read More