Dear clients,

I appreciate every offer I receive from you and your trust.

We have been creating our experiences together for more than 20 years. Yes, it’s not just me, it’s us. Many of us have known each other for many years and still meet each other.

You trust me and I trust you.

Mutual respect, respect and safety are priorities.

In order for this precious relationship between us to work, it is important to follow certain rules. My most important priority is my health and yours.

1. All sexual activities are only with a condom!!!!!!!!!! All of them, without exception.

2, I do not practice fingering, cum in mouth, rimming, etc.!!!!!!!!!! My portfolio is based on experiences, not risky service. You trust me because you know you are safe with me.

3, Hygiene  – First-class hygiene is essential for a good sexual experience.  I is essential to keep your body, mouth, teeth, genitals and bottom clean. I always require you to take a shower in my suite before the meeting begins.


 1. Thoroughly shower your entire body, paying attention to the armpits, genitals and anus.

2. Apply shower gel to each area of the body, regardless of the service you have ordered.

3. After showering, dry yourself thoroughly with a towel.

4. Use mouthwash, always regardless of the type of service.

The quality of the services provided by me is reduced by:

– low hygiene

– odor from the anus

– odor from the penis and its foul-smelling secretions

– unkempt, large body hair

– smelly and reddened skin in the area of the genitals and anus, caused by poor hygiene

– bad breath and poor oral hygiene

– smelly armpits

– excessive obesity – untidy or dirty hands and nails

I do not provide services in case of: infectious skin disease, occurrence of viral warts, herpes, any other infectious diseases of the skin and genitals.