I would like to thank to all my clients for understanding and respecting  rules and conditions that i use during my work.

I always choose the people that I want to meet, to whom I speak and which massage rituals I do. Please respect me and my work and don’t try to find anything else behind it. My work has nothing to do with religion or racism.


Etiquette is an essential part of each meeting, so I ask you to make sure before meeting that you have the same opinion and attitude to our meeting as I do.

1, You know that every person you meet has something to give. No meeting is random. You are tolerant to any race, nationality, place or idea of ​​an individual. Because: “It is not important where we are, but where we head to.”

2, You know that every country has its system, customs and traditions, and you respect it, without humiliation and comparison.

3, You know that each person has a different understanding of the same situation or service. Everyone is creating their own reality. We don’t judge according to the situations like: The quality of a 5-star hotel in one country does not equal the quality of a 5-star hotel in another country, a personal driver is delayed, keeping the tradition of a siesta, etc.

4, You know that whatever we do and whatever our plans are, nature is omnipotent. You have faith and a positive view, you can flexibly adapt to the changes caused by the Force Majeure (change of weather, volcano eruption, typhoon, family death, injury, etc.).

5, You know that you are a gentleman in every situation and you still keep this gentleman’s principles.

6, You know that you like spending time with exceptional people, respecting them, enjoying new views on the world, enjoying new ways of spending your free time.

7, You know that use of large amounts of alcohol, drugs and other narcotic substances is inappropriate

8, You know that you pay for my time, knowledge and skills. You respect the course of the meeting and agree to its timetable.

9, You know that any significant interference with the course of a meeting may reduce its effectiveness and its significance.

I am glad that these are your strengths and I look forward to meeting such an exceptional personality.



  • I prefer phone contact or in case you need another way to contact me  you can use Skype or Viber. I don’t provide any consultancy services via sms or email. First contact by email is acceptable but for further information and services personal consultation is necessary.
  • Please provide clear information about what you want in every email or letter communication (your name, address, specify you problem, expectations and in what services are you interested in, if you are not sure what you need feel free to ask me and I will help you to find the best solution).


Health requirements

  • Good health. No flu or bowl infections. Please don’t use my services that include touch if you have one of these symptoms.
  • I will ask you multiple times questions about your health status. As I work with body energy, being healthy is very important. Therefore please be honest with me and inform me if you suffer from some illnesses such as heart diseases, blood pressure diseases or kidney disfunction.
  • I use special oils, teas and scents and therefore it is very important to know that you are not allergic to any of these things.


There are four ways to meet.

  • In the country that I am currently visiting.
  • I can visit you in your country if you respect the rules I choose.
  • I will come to the place that you choose – the place where you are on holiday or on business trip or a place that is your second home country.

I can travel to my clients anywhere in the world however it is very important to realize that some massages and rituals can not be done in some places. The Earth has its own energy and there are many places in the world with different energies. For example in Bali it is not possible to do massages with HUNA. So please respect these rules.


Prices and payment conditions

  • There are basic prices for my services  =  fixed prices with certain duration. These prices are fixed for everyone. It means that you will get a certain service for a certain price.
  •  Many times the price depends on specific criteria such as duration, level of difficulty, the use of specific tools (masks, necklaces, special handmade candles, talismans etc.).
  • Travel expenses (flight ticket, transfer, taxi, accommodation) are not included in the price.
  • All payments must be paid in advance.

Based on our agreement I will travel to your country. Here are my conditions:


  • I  will live in my own place. This place has to be according to my requirements. Under no circumstances  will I stay in the same place as you.
  • I choose the time of our meetings, massages and all procedures. This is very important because many procedures require specific time.
  •  All rules are set before my travel. If you break any of these rules i will cancel all procedures with no refunds.

I lead the entire process. My work inculdes work with sexual energy (both male and female sexual energy).


I am available for appointments internationally.

Advance notice of at least 14-30 days is usually required for an international encounter.


Verification information required

1. Legal name, age, nationality, occupation, city/ state of residence, private email address and telephone number.
It is important that I verify all gentlemen before a date can be arranged and confirmed.