5,000 years ago, tantra had been relying on what quantum physics is showing today.

We are spiritual beings with human experiences that are given by emotions.

We come to the experience of physical life with the mission to fully experience the special energy patterns so that we discover the feelings associated with them and subsequently transform this energy by means of love. Our physical reality is created by our senses. A human being consists of interconnected energy fields vibrating at different frequencies.

Tantric sex is a journey of sexuality and intimacy at higher levels of sexuality perception than classical sexual intercourse. It uses the power of sexual energy to fulfil higher goals than merely physically satisfy the sexual need. Body state and feelings after tantric sex have a longer-term effect, while the sensation of classical sexual intercourse sometimes disappears immediately after the climax.

One of the main obstacles that prevents us from practicing tantric sex is EGO. Its strength and power in men is so evident that fighting it would mean draining our life energy on a daily basis.


 In men, the predominant genetic sexual information (one of an animal) is: hard penis – intercourse – orgasm – I am a strong “male” – I can have sex. The older a man is and is still capable of healthy sexual intercourse, the more his ego strengthens. What is genetically given is difficult to rewrite in a short time. But what should we do to achieve our desire for a higher-level sexuality? I recommend a very simple method. It is a plea to the ego and reads as follows:


My ego, I love you, thanks to you I have different feelings and I have prevailing opinions. At this hour, minute and second (or now 27th July 2019 from 12 am to 3 pm), please, I need to be alone for a while to draw strength from the higher realms and then continue our shared experiences. I apologize for leaving you alone for a while, but forgive me, I need the strength to grow and understand. Thank you for staying alone and not disturbing me for the required time.

It is important to indicate the exact date and time. Limit the time you want to be only YOU – THE PURE YOU. When you are finished, invite your ego back with words. “So here I am, we can go on together, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be alone, it helped me a lot.”

In addition to practicing this method of purging the mind to achieve new sexual experiences in higher realms, this method is very enjoyed by my clients in various life or work decisions where it is important not to succumb to emotions and to act in accordance with our higher goals and beliefs. You are the one who nourishes the ego, who listens to it, to whom it is a companion, which means that only you can leave it alone for a moment.

I wish you many new experiences in the higher realms.