I am pleased that you took some time to look at my website. I put all my experiences, knowledge and inherited talent into my work. My work name is Laura and I was born in Slovakia.

Affectionate, a lover and friend for those who would like to share with me moments of sensuality. You will meet a woman who is active, skilful, well-mannered, highly educated and a good conversationalist. I enjoy being a companion and sharing mutual trust, affection and respect with the man I date. I‘m very well educated and a globetrotter in the best age for a woman. My innate talent for tenderness, care, eroticism and sensuality is what I put to my work. So I know exactly what I like and every moment of my life I do exactly what I want. You must know I am a bit different. Different not from all, but from the most. Why? I‘ve developed my innate talent to perceive the human body, its sensitivity and energy and used it to study sexual energy, massages and rituals that come from different parts of the world. I love to feel the flow of energy that forms beneath my hands and its impact on the body full of expectations and joy of receiving pleasures. I am an outstanding companion with attractive looks and broad-spectrum conversational possibilities. More information about me, my experiences, knowledge, certificates and ratings can be found on my website. I appreciate your interest and your confidence.

Everything is energy. Everything that I have learned is based on this simple truth. The energy of the body fascinates me. Every emotion is reflected in our bodies and affects our systems our muscles, organs, brain and ability to perceive things. Touch – the creator of energy, love, miracles, pleasures, healing, energy transmission , emotions, relaxation and sexuality. The art of ancient and modern techniques that teach us how to work with energies ,ancient, oriental and exotic cultures and their customs – this all is part of my life. I use this knowledge in my work and implement it into my massages, rituals, knowledge and all my work . Most of these philosophies are part of my personal belief and they create my everyday life. I am so thankful that I can still get new information, secrets, experience, I am also very thankful to my mentor - her experiences, patience has helped me along the way and I also want to say thank you to her temple teachers, shamans and my clients. The unique sense of this existence , energy, the amazing possibility to work with it makes me happy and fulfilled. Every human being is very important for me and I am very thankful that I have the possibility to get to know this uniqueness of human being. I am pleased that you found some time to check my website. I do my best to work the best for you.

I am always exploring new techniques teachings and philosophies so I can implement them into my work. I know that this is an ongoing process and i will be exploring new methods and techniques all my life because this process is fulfilling for me and is part of my inner treasures – because by helping my clients to fulfiiling their goals i also feel fulfilled. Later on I will describe some of my teachings and courses here.

My services and knowledge

  • Chakra synchronicity
  • Unblocking sexual energy
  • Chakra healing
  • The healing power of touch
  • Sanctification to work with energies
  • Sanctification to the goddess of the touch
  • Sanctification to the magic of the body
  • Sanctification to self-love
  • Sex as a tool for manipulation
  • The magic of sexual energy
  • Body as a proof
  • Work with emotions – emotional massagebody and spirit guide
  • Tok - sen massage
  • The power of touch
  • Offering services of personal character and personal hygiene
  • The touch of love
  • Removing negative blocks and and habits with guided meditation (smoking, eating too much, humiliation, low self – esteem, alcohol)
  • Nlp neuroligvistic programming of 1st grade
  • Huna
  • Tantrism and neotantrism
  • Anstrology
  • Guided meditation
  • Hoodoo 
  • Tantra massage
  • Kahuna massage
  • Lava stone massage
  • Lomi-lomi massage
  • Acupressure