Enjoy exceptional intimate experiences of Goddessoftouch.

 Over the years, I have developed an exceptional blend of sensual, tantric, sexual and energetic massages, rituals, experiential encounters, in which I have combined my knowledge of sexual energy, massages, sexual practices, sexual typology and many other innate skills and charisma.

I use the integration of this knowledge and skills to create exceptional and luxurious experiences of your well-being, both inner and outer. I am proud to be able to share the GODDESS OF TOUCH with you and create for your exceptional intimate experiences, to be your tantric guide, companion, sexual experience guide and sex coach.

How to make a booking

It is my pleasure to meet you and create special moments for you. Please make a booking through my booking form on my website.

When to book

 To make your experience truly unique, preparation is important. Make your booking at least 2-5 days in advance for short-term meetings and at least 2 months for long-term meetings.

You can try your luck if I am free sooner. Good meeting preparation is an important part that creates the deluxe atmosphere and uniqueness.

How to book

I have prepared a booking form for you on my website in the Booking section.

Fill in all the details and do not hesitate to add your expectations, requirements, questions.

Please be patient, I am usually busy during the day, but I will always answer as soon as I can. Thank you for writing me all the necessary information for our meeting in 1 e-mail.

I do not answer calls, short messages

Thank you and is my pleasure to meet you.