Tantric massage – a spiritual and emotional path to sexual sensuality – is one of its simplest descriptions.

Awaken your senses, strengthen your manhood, open your heart and increase your sexuality. Enjoy the moments of conscious presence and strengthen your orgasmic potential.

The art of tantric massage and tantra is based on full control over sexual energy and its use to increase the body’s energy and strengthen human potential.

Tantric massage opens the heart and harmonizes the senses. It is the perfect tool for achieving a tantric multiple orgasm that is completely different from a traditional orgasm with ejaculation. Tatric orgasm are waves of sexual energy that cause the shaking of the whole body, often a state of infinite love and ecstasy. These feelings harmonize, purify and fulfil us.

During a tantric massage, the emotional blocks and mental barriers dissolve, the sexual energy has the opportunity to flow through the whole body. In order for this to happen the body is cleansed of emotional energy deposits gradually.

Today, tantric massage is a tool of sexual-emotional hygiene. Factors that are changing daily and energy instability deeply affect emotional and sexual balance.

TANTRIC ORGASM is very individual and unique for everyone. The waves of sexual energy that arise in the body and pass through it following its release fill every cell in the body with pure new energy. The vibration that occurs causes energetic vibrations that stir our energy into the ether and our energy takes on new dimensions. For this to happen, emotional and physical blocks need to be released.

Tantric orgasm is filled with emotions and feelings that arise during tantric massage, ejaculation is not the goal. Gentle waves of excitement, which increase with the combination of tantric breathing, distribute energy throughout the body. Achieving this state requires regular use of tantric massage.

First of all, it is necessary to be in the present moment. Because tantric massage is not oriented to a physical orgasm in the form of ejaculation, it does not have a goal set in the future.

From this essence follows the realization that we can only stay in the present. The past in this case does not exist, nor the exact future goal. This allows you to perceive yourself more deeply and get to know your body, its reactions and emotions.

Tantric massage is a collection of individual emotional states, sexual and sensory feelings, which arise gradually during the massage without a given goal. This awareness gives the freedom of a true personality and does not create space for the ego.

Breathing is important and is an integral part of tantric massage. When you feel an emotion that you would like to experience more deeply, then use it immediately. By conscious deep and regular breathing at the moment of realizing a beneficial emotion for you, you will increase and deepen this emotion and create a long-term emotional trail. And subsequently, you will experience tantric vibrations – tantric orgasm.

A good tantric therapist will capture your every vibration, but only you can choose which of the vibrations bring you pleasure and satisfaction and that is the moment you need to breath more and more.

Be present, otherwise you will not reach this state. The initiating tantric ritual should get you into a state of deep relaxation.

Be sure not to target a physical orgasm. The tantric masseuse doesn’t even focus on this kind of orgasm. She monitors the expressions of your emotions, the flow of energy and works with them.