Goddessoftouch philosophy and sexual typology

The basic philosophy of Goddessoftouch is to create exceptional sensual and sexual experiences through touch, stimulation of erogenous points, massages and various aids.

Touch comes in many forms, just like massages and stimulation. Touch is gentle but can also be painful.

The whole concept is designed to satisfy all basic sexual types: sensual type, sexual type, kinky type, spiritual type and sexually adventurous type. You can find more detailed information about sexual types in my book and blog.

Each of us has one dominant sexual type, which is embedded in us for 65-80% of the time, and a secondary sexual type, which lies dormant in us and now and then we feel like trying something new in our sexual life.

I am the creator, owner and performer of GODDESSOFTOUCH, an international brand that was established 15 years ago, and its concept of exceptional sexual experiences is enjoyed by clients from all over the world.

It is suitable for men who like to enjoy their sexuality, who want to maximally fill their body with feelings and experiences according to their sexual type, who like to discover and are open to new ways of achieving sexual experiences.


SENSUAL TYPE likes touch, pampering, softness, tenderness. He likes to enjoy being touched all over his body and enjoys the sensations that are created for him. He likes soft erotic games, gentle excitement. His touch is also very gentle. He is sexually fulfilled by the feeling of tenderness, full-body massages, sexual vibrations of his body, gentle mutual touch, soft kisses all over his body, etc. The sexual act itself is secondary to him.

SEXUAL TYPE is a type that is focused on a sexual act. His main priority is to have sex as quickly as possible, his stimulation is limited to the genitals. Oral stimulation and intercourse itself are very important for this type. He often does not perceive another way of achieving his sexual satisfaction, only one way, and he also approaches his partner in this way.

KINKY (NAUGHTY) TYPE likes sexual teasing, various sexual games, gentle dominance, diverse sexual practices, soft BDSM techniques. He likes to be sexually provoked, and likes sex toys. But that doesn’t mean he likes pain. He likes sexual surprises, different uniforms, active and playful sex.

SPIRITUAL TYPE uses sexual energy for higher goals. Sexual energy is a source of strength for him, and therefore he perfectly controls and processes it to increase his personal energy. He performs sex and related activities for a certain purpose. He is always in control of his sexual energy and never wastes it.

SEXUALLY PEPPERY TYPE needs a certain dose of adrenaline or a feeling like humiliation, danger, pain, helplessness, dominance, various events or materials to satisfy himself sexually. This type includes adherents of fetishism, dominance or submission, hard BDSM techniques, lovers of whipping, torture, slavery, financial slavery and the like.