Goddess worship is many thousands of years old. There were many forms and accompanying rituals that varied according to religion and country. This tradition is preserved even today.

Since ancient times, men have been coming to temples with gifts and pleas they wished the goddess would accomplish.The faith in their fulfilment and the delivery of extraordinary energy, skills and knowledge motivated them to carry out different practices that led to the goddess worship and fulfilment of their wishes.

Goddess worship is a ritual in which a man care the wishes of the goddess. Is very important mutual touching, mutual pampering. Man leaves his ego and devotes time to caring for a woman's body.  He nothing awaits and does not require anything.

It is a sum of wishes that the goddess requiresfollowing her needs and mood. The man learns to worship a woman - the goddess. For a certain time, he becomes her slave. The man is ready to fulfill all the wishes of the goddess, andif he performs them well, he receives a reward. Unless the goddess is satisfied, he must be prepared to receive corporal punishment.

Goddess worship consists of, for example: a fragrant bath, a delicate massage of the feet, back, body, caressing, combing hair, feeding with fruit or quality chocolate. The wishes may vary. At the beginning of the ritual, the reward for which the man performs the goddess worship is determined.

Duration and donation:

70 min 250 eur

90 min 350 eur

2 hours 450 eur



1, Loving, tender goddess who is open for mutual care


  •  shower
  • initial rituals
  • mutual touching
  • mutual kissing
  •  mutual pampering
  •  mutual massage
  • mutual genital massage
  • french kissing
  • adult care & pleasure
  • deep full body orgasm


2, Your absolutes care about goddess 


  • you give nice shower for your goddess
  • you give massage for your goddess
  • you give pleasure goddess body
  • you kiss whole body your goddess
  • you fulfil goddess wishes




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