The technique of stimulating sexual receptors through a specially developed leather bag, MUMMIBAG, designed for body immobilization.
MUMMISAGE is a unique combination of BDMS techniques with ancient massage techniques of lingam, prostate, breasts and face. An accompanying sign is an introductory ritual that puts the person in a relaxed state and boosts their sensual perception. Subsequent immobility of the whole body in MUMMIBAG ensures an increased focus on touch and sensations.

  • MUMMIBAG is equipped with inner sleeves that prevent contact with the body and are designed to immobilize hands.
  • MUMMIBAG has openings for breasts and nipples, a hole for playing with genitals and for anal activities.

The purpose of MUMMISAGE is to control orgasm and maximize the sexuality and sensitivity of the person by special touches. While practising MUMMISAGE, one can experience an increased sensitivity and control over their sexuality.

MUMMISAGE has different levels and fulfils a whole range of sexual dreams and needs.

MUMMISAGE uses many techniques (from soft to hard)

  • Fine stimulation of the immobile person
  • Nipple stimulation (from soft to clamping)
  • Possibility to use a face mask
  • Possibility of whipping through the bag
  • Prostate massage
  • Face sitting
  • Lingam stimulation by various devices and techniques
  • Sitting position

Steps of the session:

  • Consultation, selection of techniques
  • Shower
  • Initial ritual
  • Application of MUMMIBAG
  • Taking off the bag
  • Relaxation
  • Shower

70 min 250 EUR

90 min 350 EUR