When we are born, our sexual life naturally forms itself around natural pattern. But as we grow, our ignorance, desire, attachment, fear and false images tear the threads with our natural sexual connection. Tantra as set of practices help return to sexual nature and use of sexual energy.This path is systematic and comprehensive.

During tantric massage energy rises and spreads through the body. This energy is controlled on different levels depending on the type and lenght of the massage therapy. Our organism is energized. The person that receives the massage gets instructions how to breath regularly, move head and relieve relaxing sounds. The level of relaxation is very important because relaxation effects intensity of energy flow in the body. Massage of intimate parts includes special set of touches from very soft to more energetic.

Tantra is good for people of all ages, men as well women and is very popular in pairs - both heterosexual and homosexual. During the massage therapy the masseur approaches the procedure with great care and carefullly works with different parts of the body using various techniques.


Tantrism or tantra is one of the main streams of indian religion that influenced all indian philosophical systems. It is a teaching in hinduism and budhism. There is a wide range of beliefs and practices in Tantrism. The existence of various philosophical systems created many schools but they all share one idea and have many similiar features. I am personally a student of one of the old schools of tantrism that are taught in some temples. The teaching is kept in secret and passed from teacher to student. There are many basic characteristics so i will focus on the difference between TANTRISM and NEOTANTRISM.

  • Belief in magical effect of ritual is based on metaphysical observation that microcosmos (human) is the reflection of macrocosmos (Universe).
  • Understanding that spiritual enlightenment comes with many various psychological forces.
  • Understanding that sexual energy is a big reservoir of energy that can be used for faster spiritual growth.
  • Emphasis on a first hand experience and bold experimenting rather than relying on derived knowledge.
    On the contrary to this, NEOTANTRISM in western cultures uses tantra for increasing sexual energy, improving relationships, for healing purposes and as an escape from everyday reality. Many times it is the only way for many people to achieve relaxation.


One of the main differences is in the attitude of the receiver. Traditional tantra practitioner approaches tantric massage to learn how to maintain his sexual energy, he cannot experience orgasm. He uses this energy to become enlightened. Orgasm causes only pleasant feeling not bliss. A serious practitioner has to leave orgasm.

NEOTANTRA PRACTITIONER likes exploring his own limits of sexual energy, he practises them by accepting tantra and he doesn't resist orgasm during tantric massage. There are many other differences between Tantrism and Neotantrism. I mentioned just a few basic so you can create your own picture of what Tantrism and Neotantrism is.


TANTRA is nowadays a very popular type of massage that attracts more and more people. But what Tantra really is?  How does Tantra work and what contributions can bring into our lives?

      I have created a BASIC introduction of this more than 9000 years old art and describe Tantra the way it is used nowadays.

      I emphasize that I am going to describe only BASIC rules, features and goals to give you just the basic information about  this massage.

     There are many schools of tantric massage that use many various techniques therefore I will give you just basic attributes of this massage.


Tantric massage is a ritual that brings benefits to one´s body and spirit.

Basic features are:

  • atmosphere that comes from traditions
  • meditation and tantric music that contributes to sensual awareness of the receiver
  • aromatic oils, silicas, essential wraps, aromatic wax
  • warm towels
  • ostrich feathers
  • silk gloves
  • lava stones
  • other objects that come from traditions and masseurs orientation

     Tantric masseuse is a person that guides you during tantric massage. She conducts a complex ritual of pre-set elements - this makes tantric massage original. The  elements of tantric massage depend on the type of tantric massage, the masseur and his/her level of energy and professional level. There are many different tantric practices that vary depending on the school where masseurs studied. Nowadays in Europe the most dominant is the New age stream. I personally do tantric massage using ritual method of old yogis that I personally learned in the Orient (I don't want to specify the place because I want to protect sacred order.)

Tantric masseur is a guide that:

  • is a teacher, he teaches you how to breathe properly
  • shows you how to perceive energy flow
  • defines massage limits
  • helps the receiver get into contact with his own body
  • can identify reactions of the body and adapt his activities to it
  • tantric massage is a sensual complexity that has to be followed


Receiver (the person who receives the massage)

  • doesn't lead the massage and doesn't actively enter massage
  • goal is not to fulfill client's imaginations but to lead him out of his expectations, fantasies and imaginations
  • in tantric massage the is NO sexual encounter between the receiver and giver!
  • the giver doesn't touch the receiver and remains passive!
  • doesn't request / negotiate a sexual encounter
  • the main purpose of the massage is not orgasm and the receiver can't demand it
  • the purpose of tantric massage is NOT to satisfy sexual impulse
  • the receiver is informed about it and has to respect it

      Tantric massage can also include massaging intimate zones if it is a part of the chosen massage. Masseur respects clients feelings and limits, he is developing personal approach to the whole process and spreads energy to the whole body. Although orgasm is not a goal it happens in many cases. But it is an outcome of releasing many different emotional blocks, fears, bocked sexual energy etc. Orgasm is the impact of tantric massage and masseurs energy itself. Energy that is created in this way has many positive benefits for the receiver.


  1. deep and long lasting relaxation
  2. ability to work with your own sexual energy
  3. understanding of emotional reactions of your body
  4. removing shyness
  5. learning the power of the present moment and concentration
  6. stopping your self control and meditatively let the energy flow
  7. feeling your own sexuality
  8. finding esteem to your body
  9. finding yourself
  10. removing negative influences
  11. learning how to increase intensity of your sexual pleasures with your whole body
  12. in pairs creating everlasting sexuality

What is a tantric massage and how to perceive it?

The art of tantra is 9000 years old and comes from the places of ancient India and the Himalayas and its practice was part of the rituals that were used as a way to reach a higher form of liberation of mind and ecstasy, most often practiced in monasteries.

There is an increasing number of its supporters around the world and more and more people want to practice it. Its philosophy is often distant from the modern Western world of understanding spiritual life and the philosophy of Eastern cultures where it originated. Tantra is being very often profaned and condemned for simply being an erotic massage associated with sexual act. That's why more and more people are asking what it is. What are its benefits to me? Why should I practice or have a tantric massage? From the perspective of a tantra coach and teacher, I’ve summarized in the following points a simple explanation of the basic benefits of a tantric massage that would make the people of Western culture understand it.

Relaxation of the body

1, Tantric massage tries to satisfy your entire being. It carefully takes care of every part of your body and uses a set of special touches to stimulate and release blocks that allow the flow of sexual energy through all energy pathways of your body.

Improvement of breathing and control of emotions

2, One of the important elements of tantra and tantric massage are breathing techniques that have been verified throughout the centuries. There are many methods specifically designed for beginners up to advanced users. Proper breathing enhances the experience and benefits of a tantric massage, and teaches you to use breathing to control your emotions.

Discovering and treating emotions

3, The main attribute is the discovery and treatment of emotions. Tantric massage shows hidden emotions. It is a way of self-recognition, increases self-confidence, reveals inner strength and energy. It points to the inner state of the spirit, helps to cure many emotions and rebukes the prejudices and blocks we have about ourselves.

Building inner energy

4, By practicing tantric breathing techniques and by using tantric massage, you create a strong inner life force - energy that helps you achieve your life goals, overcome many obstacles, find yourself, identify and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You must be asking what it is good for. 80% of all success lies in knowing who you are, what your strength and weakness is, and using internal energy to self-discipline.

Tantric massage brings altogether 3 forms of pleasure:

  • Pleasure from muscle relaxation
  • Pleasure from spiritual balance and self-recognition
  • Pleasure from sexual energy creation and conscious work with it

Building self-confidence

Another important attribute of a tantric massage is also the transfer of your body to the hands of the masseur and expressing your full confidence in the form of a complete relaxation. At the beginning of each massage, I emphasize how important it is to relax and put yourself at ease. Every effort to control your physical body reduces the stream of emotions as well as the flow of sexual energy. As the care is given to all parts of your body during the massage, you come to know new emotional and physical feelings.

Health improvement

Tantric massage improves blood circulation, emotional well-being and reduces stress. Tantric massage also focuses on an emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual aspect. Relief from muscle pain, discovery of new emotions, relaxation, long-lasting flow of sexual energy - all of these brings benefits to your health and you are more able to control all kinds of emotions.

Control of sexual energy

Breathing techniques that use sexual energy help to improve your sexual life, for example, by decreasing premature ejaculation, enjoying emotions and working with your own sexual energy as one of the most powerful tools to achieve whatever we wish for.

There are numerous benefits of a tantric massage. From my own experience, I know that tantric massage helps to manage many aspects of personality. Its effect is as strong as your faith in it. If one can control and use their sexual energy, they can control other emotions as well.



 The influence of tantric massage is wide. If the massage is done with a specific goal, an experienced masseur who can work with energies can accomplish this goal.

Basic benefits of tantric massage:
  • harmonizing body and spirit
  • removing mental blocks, prejudices and destructive patterns
  • help with erectile disfunction that is connected with mental blocks
  • prostate healing
  • healing of non physiologic problems with getting pregnant
  • increase of self – confidence
  • ability to achieve orgasm
  • help for women that  suffer from pain during intimate moments



      I would like to introduce you to the features of massage that is nowadays frequently used. Every school has its own practices and keeps its art in secret - that's why we can get into contact with many different practices and approaches.

Basic features of tantric massage are:

  • Discussion about goals of tantric massage
  • Body purification (shower)
  • The ritual of esteem and welcoming ritual
  • Massage itself that contains different massage techniques using tantric instruments
  • Relaxation, shower

     During the massage, the masseur or masseuse wears a special dress designed for tantric massage. This dress can be taken off during massage to complete ritual and then put back.



      Every type of tantric massage requires specific time for completing all prescribed procedures. Nowadays in Europe where Tantra has become very popular and a modern part of peoples lifestyle, the duration of Tantra has to be shortened. Many big tantric masters and jogis as well as my teachers and mentors don't accept time limitations during tantric massage and follow primary tantra philosophy and accomplishing it's goal. As every human being is different, completion of a tantric masssage's goal requires certain amount of time. I use this approach while dealing with many different and individual problems of my clients. With new age and  rising  popularity, tantra has become commercialized. By introducing tantra to the masses, many different commercial names have been created, many techniques and experiments have been developed.

     To the respect of my teaching i don't want to express my opinion for optimal duration of tantric massage. My opinion comes from my reality and perceiving tantra from my point of view and other peoples opinions come from their own reality and beliefs.

Types of Tantra massage / rituals

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