Tantric massage - the touch of male heart (level 1)

Level 1 – in the 1st level of tantric massages the partner-client is always a receiver and the tantric masseuse a giver.

In tantra, every bodily contact between two people is at the same time a contact between two hearts and souls.Awaken your senses, strengthen your masculinity, open your heart and increase your sexuality. Enjoy moments of conscious presence and strengthen your orgasmic potential.

The basis of the art of tantric massage and tantra is full control over sexual energy.

Tantric massage opens the heart and harmonizes the senses. It is the perfect tool for achieving a tantric multiple orgasms, which are completely different from the traditional orgasm with ejaculation. Tatric orgasms are waves of sexual energy that cause the shaking of the whole body, often a state of infinite love and ecstasy. These feelings harmonize, purify and fulfil us.

This condition often requires more tantric massages at regular intervals, because unless emotional blocks and mental obstacles are dissolved, sexual energy does not have the opportunity to flow through the whole body. In order for this to happen, the body is gradually cleansed of emotional energy blocks. However, this does not mean that it has no effect on you if you experience it only once.

Nowadays, tantric massage is a tool of sexual-emotional hygiene. Daily changing factors and energy instability deeply affect emotional and sexual balance.

In tantric massage, touches are purposefully performed in the form of small rituals. These touch rituals inspire trust among the partners and bring deep relaxation to the body and soul. Tantric massage is often referred to as the spiritual path to sensuality.
Our vitality and success in all areas of life depend on our ability to perceive the world through our senses.

Tantric massage and tantra is a path that invites us to develop all our senses.

Professional tantric masseuse can perform energy cleansing of the body and with the help of sexual energy created during tantric massage strengthen important energy aspects of the body, which will help to achieve the defined goal. The most basic aspect of tantric massage is the harmonization of giving and receiving.
Unlike all other forms of sexual satisfaction and erotic massage, in tantra, one of the partners ALWAYS gives and the other receives.

These roles must always be clearly divided and must be fully respected. This “massage rule” never changes during the massage.

The basic idea of tantric massage is therefore simple. From the point of view of tantra, it is very important that both partners know their roles and learn to enjoy them. This will build mutual sexual trust between the partners.

Tantric massage represents a spiritual aspect of eroticism and mutual trust. It is about developing sexual pleasure, deepening the senses and releasing blocked energy, which is a key concept in tantric massage. Tantra as a set of practices help return to sexual nature and use of sexual energy. This path is systematic and comprehensive.

During tantric massage, energy rises and spreads through the body. This energy controlled on different levels depending on the type and length of the massage therapy. Our organism energised.

The person that receives the massage gets instructions on how to breathe regularly, move head and relieve relaxing sounds.

The level of relaxation is essential because relaxation effects intensity of energy flow in the body. Massage of intimate parts includes a unique set of touches from very soft to more energetic.

Tantra is suitable for people of all ages, men as well as women and is trendy in pairs – both heterosexual and homosexual.

During the massage therapy, the masseur approaches the procedure with great care and carefully works with different parts of the body using various techniques.

Effects of tantric massage


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