VIP care and services

Your work schedule is often unpredictable and you want me to be available anytime you please, you wish to benefit from my full care, to use all my knowledge, skills and my entire portfolio without having to pay attention to individual prices and scroll through my entire offer.

You are sure about spending your free time with me, but it is hard for you to plan in advance and for now you have no idea when your work duties will allow you to meet me.

You prefer complex care to short-term services and you do not have time to always choose services and plan the conditions of the meeting.

VIP care provides you with comfort, security, and exclusive care designed just for you.

VIP packs

1-day VIP care and services

You are in the city or planning your business meeting in Helsinki, you really want to meet me, but you do not know when you will have time and for how long. 1-day VIP care and services will guarantee that I am available throughout the day, and when you have free time, you can spend it with me immediately. You can be sure that the meeting will take place according to your time possibilities.

  1. A) Booking my time without services PRICE: 2490 EUR (all services are paid extra)
  2. B) Exclusive reservation of VIP care with all services PRICE: 4290 EUR
1-week VIP care and services

You would like to spend more time with me and see me more often during 1 week, but you cannot say how busy you will be.

  1. A) Booking my time without services for 7 days PRICE: 13990 EUR (all services are paid extra)
  2. B) Exclusive reservation of VIP care with all services PRICE: 20990 EUR


1-month VIP care 45000 EUR
3-month VIP care 87000 EUR
6-month VIP care 150000 EUR
1-year VIP care 249000 EUR

The conditions of these VIP packs are different. Due to my workload and other clients’ orders, I do not offer booking of my entire time as it is possible with the 1-day or the 1-week packs.

Their exclusivity lies in the fact that, as a VIP client, I will be available to you as soon as possible, either in Helsinki or I will come to you according to the preset conditions.

Benefits of these packs:
  • I am available online, you can talk to me on various topics, and you can have an online coffee, drink, lunch or dinner with me.
  • I am available to you as soon as possible (but not immediately).
  • If you are in Helsinki or live here, I can accompany you (coffee, lunch, dinner).
  • I am your representative companion to the cinema, theatre, opera.
  • We can go to the club together.
  • I can accompany you to corporate or social events.
  • Weekend relaxation (subject to special conditions).
  • We can go for a trip together.
  • All my skills are available (in-depth information in section ABOUT ME and on my other website)
  • I will come to you and I will keep you company as soon as possible (travel, accommodation and other travel costs are not included in the price and are paid separately).
  •  in-depth information I provide only personal.


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