I’ve visited this divine angel a couple of times and continue to be astonished by the way she manages to exceed my expectations every single time. She truly is the goddess of touch introducing you to pleasure in ways you earlier couldn’t even imagine. Her oozing sexuality and sensual magical touch will blow your mind and simply make you crave for more. She’s simply irresistible. There surely should be severe warning texts involved – the service is very highly addictive. She’s worth every superlative there is!

Markku - Helsinki

You will have to think long and hard about whether or not you can use words to describe your own experience with this goddess woman. Slavka renders language meaningless.
They haven’t created superlatives strong enough or worthy enough. Exclusive? Stunning? Emotional intelligent? Angel of touches? Try harder. Exquisite? Nope, not yet. Sexy? Playful? Brilliant? Receptive, responsive? Precious? Skilful? Divine? She provides only the best. Thank you again for a truly unbelievable experience. Your divine touches was something so wonderful I´ve not experienced in a long time.

Divine touch - Helsinki, Finland

This lady has a magical touch. Healing, relaxing, arousing – all at the same time. She made me totally lose track of time and place. The key to such a bliss was simple: letting her lead and letting go. Plus, she´s a very nice person. What can I say? Laura is a true living woman, a Goddess of Touch.

2 hours royal massage - Helsinki, Finland

I will say her ample skills match up with her intelligence, kindness and mesmerizing features. If she were here right now, I m not sure if I´d want to converse first or touch her or kissing her first, but all would be incredible and what more could one ask for? Being in her presence is an incredible gift, time with her a journey, you feel lucky to be a party to, and while I will be a gentleman and not reveal too much. If you can, spend 3 or 4 hours with her at least. It won´t ever be enough, but at least you will scratch the surface. Slavka thank you.

Intimate evening with Goddess - Budapest, Hungary

Thank you Slavka-Laura for very fruitful conversation and your help me with my erection. I have now healthy self confident, finally again I can have intercourse. Thank you was patient with me. I had to keep “daily practice”. She was daily with me in touch. Training was for start online and after I visited she in Helsinki 8 times. But it was training for my by custom offer. She speak fluently English. Thank you, thank you, you are very professional, human and kind an patient. Hight recommend.

Juha – lingam training - Helsinki, Finland

Thank you very much for our dinner time. Slavka is very elegant, educated, beautiful woman. Conversation with she is fruitful, friendly, respectful, she is very professional companion. We spent a lot of interesting time together. In all, I thank you.

Romantic evening - Helsinki, Finland

. Slavka-Laura is very intuitive and knew from our few words, what I needed to get the most from my massage and treatments. She was very willing to share her extensive knowledge. If you have never heard of Dragon woman massage and treatments available, spend some time on her website. This was by far the most amazing and spiritual massage that I have ever had. I highly recommend Dragon woman Touch to anyone who is looking for more than just a cookie-cutter massage.

Patric - NY

You are a phenomenal woman and a professional. Your knowledge of Iting and energy is exceptional. I feel great and of course I apply your advice every day. You approach the body very responsibly and with respect. Again, we see in Japan.

Dragon woman therapy - Tokio, Japan

Cette femme est absolument phénoménale! C’est Laura qui était une vrais V.I.P du meeting et la déesse de la sensualité. Elle sait ce qu’il vous faut et maitrise à merveille. En plus elle masse super bien, j’entends au sens massage dans le dos, les jambes, etc elle est absoiument super, souriante, excitante et elle sait tout faire. Elle est brillante, drôle et très séduisante, j’ai immédiatement ressenti un sentiment de confiance. Massage phénoménal. Merci.

Matthieu, France

My tantra training

Laura has been my teacher of tantric massage, breathing and meditation techniques for 6 months. I had known a lot about tantra, but the way Laura has explained the philosophy of tantra to me touched me a lot. She has introduced tantra to my everyday life, my sexual energy has been given a direction that I can use to my advantage, and my self-discipline has increased. I wish to increase my level and I believe Laura will be my mentor for a long time. Thank you for your patience and for everything you do for me.

Bernard – Portugal

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