Taoist sexual massage DRAGON POWER

I recommend for lovers of prostate massage 

A man has one of the important sources of sexual power and energy hidden in the prostate. The prostate, with its oval shape, represents a closed circle of endlessly flowing energy, the flow of which depends on movement. The modern man moves less and less and thus has less sexual energy needed for his creativity and development.

Dragon power Taoist sexual massage is an ancient massage technique still used today. During the massage, 2 paired points are always stimulated, which are energetically connected between the sexual organs, their surroundings and the prostate.

It increases and at the same time controls sexual excitement, which spreads throughout the body or a certain energy center is strengthened with this energy.

TAOIST SEXUAL MASSAGE DRAGON POWER is a unique set of stimulations in the genital, anal and prostate areas. He is spiced up with an extraordinary sexual feeling.
As the name itself says, it is about bringing a man near the climax. However, the climax does not occur immediately on the first approach.

The purpose of taoist sexual massage DRAGON POWER is to induce more profound and deeper sexual feelings from every further approach to the climax.

A unique combination of touch, stimulation and prostate massage brings you into the world of new sexual power.
Prostate massage is an essential part of the massage.


  • those who want to increase and stimulate their sexual energy,
  • those who want to support their masculine power and creativity, for lovers of prostate massage,
  • those who like to discover new techniques and develop their sexual abilities,
  • those who want to increase their sexual stamina and control their orgasm.


  • those who chase orgasms,
  • those who expect prostitution services (oral),
  • those who are not willing to cooperate,
  • those who have health problems with the prostate.


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