The Tao of Sex philosophy is that sex creates new energy that nourishes the soul.

Knowing how to practice Tao sex on your own is not something that a person can learn in a few days. It requires regular breathing, physical and mental exercises.

I adore the Tao of sex, I’ve been studying it for over 10 years and I’m still discovering new and new skills. I hesitated for a long time whether to include TAO sex in the GODDESSOFTOUCH portfolio. In the end, I decided that under my guidance, the man would be able to enjoy it, even if he had no experience.

It is my pleasure to be your sexual TAO lover and TAO lovemaking guide.

Tao healing sex consists of a group of sexual positions, each of which has its own meaning for the flow of sexual energy and for the internal organs. During the session, I am your guide and we slowly perform individual sexual positions, while fluency, present moment, concentration, breathing and technique are important.

Does it sound complicated? It is very impressive and intuitive. It is always about targeted movements and control of movement and erection.

Tao healing sex has a large number of positive effects on a person’s energy, increases sexual energy, health, immunity, increases sexual self-confidence and sexual attractiveness. Extends sexual vitality. It is one of the most intense sexual pleasures.