Tantric massage during which he discovers the unrestrainedness and uniqueness of the elements.

This tantric massage passes through the 5 elements:

  • Earth Touch: deep relaxation of muscle tension, centering, power to the earth
  • Touching Water: receptivity, affectivity by touch, fluidity, dynamic,
  • Fire Touch: Awakening of sensuality and pleasure,
  • Touch Air: Expansiveness and Sensitivity
  • A touch of the Ether: tenderness and delicacy
  • The excitement and feeling of your own sexuality accompanies you throughout the massage.

Each type of contact helps to awaken the qualities of each element in the body. We will start with stronger touches (Earth element), which relax muscle tension and provide centering. Little by little, we will move towards softer and more fluid touches (Water element) that transmit affectivity and welcome, then we will move towards touches (lingam stimulation too) that awaken sensuality and pleasure for the whole body (Fire element). The sexual energy and sensitivity generated will then be distributed throughout the body with a very subtle touch (Air element). Finally, we will end with a tantric energetic alignment. (Space – ether element).

During the massage, the tantric scarf is removed and the masseuse is naked.

Massage includes: introductory tantric ritual, full body massage with hot oil, alternation of several massage techniques, lingam stimulation, delicate elements such as silk, tantric feathers, aromatic essential oils.


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