I perform Tantric ritual "The secret of temple" using my knowledge that I learned over the years of studying tantric philosophy. At the beginning the massage is not limited by time - we need to achieve the goal we set so we use as much time as we need.  After consultation with client we choose the massage process, the type of massage, techniques and other things that we need to achieve the goal. In this tantric ritual of the secret of temple both goals can be achieved - tantric and neotantric. This ritual is for men as well as women.

The price  depends on individual criteria of the massage. In general the entire ritual takes from 3 to 5 hours depending on various aspects. ( 1000 - 1700 EUR) More information about this ritual I will be given by personal consultation.

Note: all information provided here is in general. More details will be provided via a personal consultation. But I will always keep my secrets.

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