Tantra says:

"Everything perceivable through the eyes is definable in terms of frames of mind, but not Her who is the Mother", and "she is ineffable and beyond perception/conception; having a form, she is nonetheless formless."

The tantra has two aspects in which she becomes manifested; static and dynamic.

Tantra for women works with kundalini energy or a snake twisted in the lower back. But the snake is only a symbol of the spiritual path, not the path itself.

Why women like to use tantric massage? The more a woman uses tantric massage the more she develops her feminine aspects: Grace, compassion, empathy, care, sensitivity, sexuality, concern, all flow from embody feminine energetic reservoir.

Tantra hepls recover from sexual trauma and heal your Yoni.

Tantric ritual massage 5 roses

Main goals of this session are self- awarenes, sexual awakening, healing, sexual self-identification, the opening of supernatural sexual energy and reprogramming of sexual perception. Tantric session 5 roses is a magical combination of meditation, ceremony, body massage, sacret energy touch, tantric and taotic rituals and breath-work. 5 roses tantric rituals enhance healing of sexual wounds and awaken the Goddess inside you. My magic tantric touch and pampering changes a woman to a goddess. Transformation of new sexual energy brings rebirth of female energy.

Prices and duration:

  • Enjoyable time          90 min  300 EUR
  • Sensual experience  2 hours 400 EUR

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