Sexual sensory teasing

When BDSM is mentioned, most people imagine pain, humiliation, whips, latex or various torture instruments.

BDSM is not only about pain, this category of sexual pleasure also includes SEXUAL SENSORY TEASING.


Many people think that sex is a matter of only one or two senses.

When all your senses are loaded to the extreme, every touch, taste on your tongue, smell becomes orgasmic. In such a state, you can get into a sexual trance, and in this state, every little thing takes your body into deep ecstasy.


Deeply relaxing and immensely stimulating depending on the intent of the stimulation and the type of stimulation used. A great foreplay as it puts you in a wonderfully relaxed state.


  •  Requires blindfolding,
  • music,
  • Aids for stimulating the senses.  

SEXUAL SENSORY TEASING uses for stimulation: – Touch – The smell – Sound – Taste

Sensory tools are mainly used during SEXUAL SENSORY TEASING.

The recipient only receives, no touching is allowed, do not try to identify objects or evaluate feelings as good and bad.

First, individual stimuli are stimulated one after the other, and then a CACOPHONE OF IMPRESSIONS is created, i.e. all senses are stimulated at once.

Many people fall into a sexual trance at this point. After this sexual arousal, sex is more receptive and a deep full-body orgasm occurs.


SEXUAL SENSUAL TEASING is dependent on the individual experience of sensory sensations and their sexual perception. We are all different and each of us is excited by something different or a different combination of sensations. I DO NOT GUARANTEE the sensations you will experience during the session or the depth of your sexual experience. During the session I use all my years of experience, and before the session I will ask you questions to find out what type of sexual sensing is best for you.


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