During my study of sexual rituals, games and practices, I came across very interesting sex games, which I decided to adapt to today’s times and our possibilities.

Sex games were the entertainment of the élite already in ancient Rome and Egypt; they were adored by the French and Spanish nobility, both men and women.

These games used to include slaves, gladiators, priestesses of love, animals, of course money, jewellery and the like.

Nowadays, the form of sex games to the extent that they were practiced in the past is impossible, (which is a shame, because many would have been more exciting in their original versions), nevertheless many aspects of those sex games can be replicated. I got inspired and created a SEX ROULETTE for you.

Sex roulette is a game of many possibilities, excitement, fun, bodily pleasures, surprises. Let yourself be drawn into the world of luck or chance and come play for your sexual experiences.

There are many possibilities. 




The minimum time for the game is 90 min.

You pay your budget, I fulfil the basic content and we will play for Premium services. On one side, there is the Premium service chosen by you and on the other side, my requirements for you.

There are many possibilities. I listed some of them below, but I will provide you personally with more information about the possibilities of this exciting sex game.

In practice, it goes like this. We choose the colours and spin the roulette, if you win, I will fulfil the Premium service you chose, if you lose, you will fulfil what I want you to do for me.

I also included in this game some of my services, which I otherwise do not provide at all. If you are interested in them, play for them. You long for many sexual experiences with me, which I do not provide within my portfolio, here is an opportunity. Let’s play and have fun.

Another very attractive option of sex roulette is, for example, a game for a 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% discount. You choose the colour. If you get the colour you selected, you will get a discount, but if you lose, you will pay me the amount of the discount that we played for.

I will send you details about the content of individual budgets by email upon request. Make a reservation on my website, fill in all the required information and write a request for detailed information about sex roulette budgets in the note.

exclusive evening - sex rulette



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