Good lover masters the minimal basics of a sensual massage so he will can by his touches give pleasure, relaxed, and properly sexually tune in with his touch.

Many of you often ask me about sensory touch techniques and procedures to release the partner and create the right atmosphere for her.

You often tell me that you tried the same thing I did for you and it didn’t work. Well, it couldn’t.

There is a big difference between a sensual massage for a man and a woman. Stimulation, activation of erogenous points, the rhythm of movement, etc. are completely different.

A basic sensual massage course for men will teach you:
How to create the right physical and mental atmosphere.
What oils to use and how to work with them.
– Order of stimulation of erogenous points.
– Full body sensual massage technique.
Practical learning on my body.
– How to behave during a sensual massage.
– How to create and maintain sexual lust in a partner.

DURATION: 5 – 6 hours
during my travels, when I’m in your city
– you can travel to me
– I can fly to you (different price)


I am looking forward to you and I am glad to be able to pass on to you one of the secrets of perfect lovers.