Velvet caress


Velvet caress is the ritual of the princesses of sacred temples of ancient cultures, which has been preserved to this day.

It has a beneficial effect on the female organism, harmonizes female energy, brings a sense of well-being, opens women’s senses and helps to know the woman’s sexuality.

Its essence is working with bird feathers, a mixture of herbs, massage and the use of special aids. Using a fan made of feathers or a combination of feathers from different bird species touching the body plays an important role in this ritual.

Fanning and touching in a precisely defined manner creates a certain electromagnetic field that we perceive as highly beneficial.

There are always more or less strongly charged voltage fields around our body, consisting of positively and negatively charged ions.

Most of the time, the positive or negative ions predominate, so we seldom remain in a completely balanced energy field.

It is scientifically proved that sliding lips on the body creates an electromagnetic energy field, and its voltage ratio is comparable to the atmosphere in the altitude of 3000 meters.

Everyone who likes hiking recognizes that mountains have an amazing effect on the body. This blissful feeling arises because at a certain height we reach balance, and the positive and negative ions are in equilibrium.

The same effect has the herb mixture that is used for this ritual. Velvet caress is a ritual designed for women who wish for a sense of bliss and look for new feelings.

It is a very strong sacred ritual celebrating women.




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