Many of you experience a decline in sexual appetite, a decrease in erection, and a decrease in sensitivity after overcoming covid.

The desire for sex is no longer the same as before the covid disease and the feeling of sexual satisfaction has decreased.

Yes, I’ve been encountering these symptoms very often lately, and many of you are looking for solutions to restore your sex life to its original state and even improve it.

POST COVID SEXUAL THERAPY is aimed at restoring the sensitivity of erogenous receptors in erogenous zones and in the lingam area. It is a gentle touch technique that restores sensitivity, increases sexual energy, improves and prolongs erection.

It is also effective after overcoming another disease that reduced the quality of your erection or sex.


It is purely a touch therapy of your body and gentle stimulation. During the therapy, I am clothed and there is no sexual activity. However, as long as you climax, it’s fine. It is not aimed at making you climax. It’s a treatment.