GODDESS OF TOUCH sensual full body massage was created from my many years of experience. It is unique in that it combines elements of tantra, tao-massage, gentle touches, stirs up intense sexual energy and induces a feeling of bliss.

Activation of all erogenous points on the body increases sensitivity and thus increases energy.

Intensive massage of the lingam in combination with other erogenous zones evokes new feelings that cause pleasure, inner satisfaction, harmony, increase the strength of erection, prolong orgasm and induce full-body orgasm. Its goal is to increase sexual energy and thereby ensure healthy sexuality.

The intensity of the massage is increased by the touch of our naked bodies. During the massage, you don’t have to focus on your breath, you are in deep relaxation, which I induce at the beginning of the massage with special touches.

Your deep breath is activated without your concentration, induced by a set of massage touches that are systematic and performed on the whole body.

This makes this massage different from tantra, which requires concentration on the breath, and tao massage, where it is necessary to concentrate the breath in a certain place.

This unique method allows you total relaxation from the beginning of the massage without requiring your attention. It does not condition the result of the massage with your breathing and attention skills.

It is intended for all lovers of sensual massages who want to increase their sexual energy, experience long and intense sexual excitement, harmonize their senses and experience a deep orgasm.