As a real lady and mistress of money, I expect you to spoil me with money, small and large gifts.

I am a goddess and not “just” a money mistress. I consider your gifts a tribute to me.
As a money mistress, I only accept money slaves who pamper me.

Besides loyalty and honest humility, the only thing that interests me in you is your money. The only value you have to me is the amount of your tribute payments.

As a money slave, you accept and understand that you are unable to please your GODDESS physically, emotionally or intellectually.

I control the finances of my money slaves.

You must spoil me as best as possible, your financial gifts must satisfy me as best as possible, and with them I will buy what no one can buy me.

I’ll show you what only you bought me. If you think I can’t spend your money, you are very wrong. Only true financial slaves can finance my luxurious lifestyle. The more you worship me, the better slave you are.

I will control you.

By paying, you agree that you pay me voluntarily and that you will never demand your financial and material donations back.


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