For the start I will lead you over a gentle meditation; you will become absorbed in the pleasant and relaxing melodies of my voice, music and my soft touch.

Your physical body is relaxed, all your senses are open.

While your body is pampered with special warm herbs oils, unique Egyptian sensual massage activates more than 250 erogenous points of the whole body and fulfills you with deep sexual lust.

The sexual energy vibrates throughout your body at a high level and your pleasure is cosmic. You’re getting into the stage when you do not feel the presence of your physical body, only the emotions and intensity of the sexual energy that transforms into a new life force.

You want to feel it more and more intensely and remain in this state. Sexual energy dominates your whole body. You begin to re-perceive your physical body and bliss that has filled you during the ritual.

Egyptian sensual rituals and massage is very intense sexual experience with sexual practises.

Price: 2,5 hours (150min) 600 Eur

NOTE: Because it is a very powerful and sacred ritual of the body that is passed down from generation to generation, I do not provide an exact description of the procedure and its execution. It should be performed only by an experienced master who has gone through the learning. I will gladly provide more information on how the ritual is performed through personal consultation, because it depends on the environment in which it takes place.



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