Dragon power

Rebirth, strengthening and increasing energy by using the power of sexual energy and cosmic symbols. 

Energy release of nodes that block the flow of energy in the body. Releasing the points of sexuality and creativity. Creating strong sexual energy, which is the basis of creating strength for our development.

Intensive experience of hexagrams, I-ching and cosmic symbols. During session, we use the power of ancient learning to strengthen and harmonize our bodies, fulfil our goals, open up our creativity, increase sexual energy, as well as life energy and joy.

We use sexual energy as the greatest personal source of creative power; we put it in hexagrams and formulate our life. This is a very intense work with human energy preceded by purification.

Combination of massage techniques with hexagrams using sexual energy enhance the spirit and add new power to visions, ideas, creativity, attention, love, relationships, and other life goals and harmony.

Let’s discover together the power of ancient knowledge and use it for our benefit.

This is the very secret method how to achieve all goals using sexual energy with hexagram.

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