Uses a set of tantric techniques to deepen intimacy, increase passion and communicate more openly and authentically. My big asset is work with body energy and experimenting with special and oriental massages that I use during tantric massage. My professional hands, oriental essential oils and special techniques prepare you for an intimate massage (lingam massage), which is a natural part of tantra massage to deepen your experience. Your body will pamper, all your senses will feel the flow of erotic and healing energy. Your mind and body will filled with deep satisfaction.


Includes a massage, that is very beneficial for the prostate. Many men would like to open this secret chamber in their intimate life however, they are filled with prejudices and fear of what would their partner think. Many people consider this massage as homosexual act. However, in tantra, this energy created by prostate massage is particular because it is men’s unique sexual energy, and we can work with this.


The philosophy is to alternate expansive, aggressive masculine energy, which is represented in the form of the use of the whip, causing pain, and soothing, gentle and creative feminine energy, which is represented by gentle subtle touches, creating tenderness and excitement.