Bondabody massage

Our world revolves around sexual fantasy, delving into domination and submission, the sensual and the erotic. We play with our imagination as well as our body. Invite you to join them for a journey into the world of fantasy, where only your dreams are the limit.

Bondabody massage is special treatment for lovers who love binding of nice woman, bondage and BDSM. It is a trendy combination of method BDSM, massages with sexual experience.

Bondabody massage is ideal for a man who wants to try the irritation of a woman, excited by his imprisonment, requires a little pain, but only as an erotic game. Pain alternates tenderness; excitement is escalating. You expect in the ecstasy of eroticism, the following steps, which will take you to a profound climax of your passion. I m provider many style of bondage.

The style always depends on time.

What’s included

  • kind of bondage,
  • binding,
  • whipping,
  • stimulating full body massage
  • facesitting,
  • adult care & service
  • lingam massage and teasing
  • different sexual position
  • full body orgasm

Note: All information provided here is in general. More details will be provided via a personal consultation. But I will always keep my secrets.

Your Bondabody Massage Experiences

Create YOUR OWN experience
Treat yourself - you deserve it!

You can read about them on this page and then build and order your tailored experience on the Order page.
  • BONDABODY MASSAGE 60min/€400, 90min/500, 120min / €700

    Premium services: Prostate massage 50 EUR.


I accept VISA and MASTERCARD, cash too.
For meetings longer than 90 min, I require a 50% deposit in advance. Payment can be made via REVOLUT or by bank transfer (the meeting will take place when the funds are credited to my account).

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