For women who want to discover the depth of the feelings of touch and spark sexual energy throughout their bodies.

Accompanied with relaxing and meditation music, this sacred ritual of worshiping the body appeases your physical body and its subtle senses open slowly.

The combination of a blissful bath, aromatherapy, balms, peelings, herbal wraps, and special massages slowly opens your energy channels and enables a free energy flow to all parts of your body. Your body is ready for exploration of sexual vibrations which are aroused by special touch techniques.

You slowly recognize new feelings, perceive your body differently, individual parts of your body vibrate strongly, and you transform this sacred sexual energy into your inner power. With the help of a mask, you turn off one of your senses – your eyesight – and enable your other 3 senses to work more intensely.

Tastes change, feelings are more intense, and smells are more vivid.

You are gradually processing new stimuli and it is up to you where you set the boundaries.

This ritual has different combinations of variations depending on the time and place where it is performed. However, it is always important to follow a procedure that is strictly defined.

There are many levels of this ritual. According to your needs, it is possible to have a mask specially designed in Venice only for you that will characterize certain features or areas of life that you want to strengthen and can be used to achieve certain goals (finance, family, beauty, health, wealth, capabilities, talent, determination, courage, etc.).

The Touch of Cleopatra ritual performed in this way must be repeated several times and within a certain time frame. I will be glad to provide you with more information in person.


    1790 eur
    The Grande Royal Ritual is the celebration of the body at its highest level. The ritual should start with a hot scented herbal bath where a special massage takes place. Relaxation will be ensured by professional care by an experienced masseur by combining aromatherapy and exotic massage. Your physical body is relaxed, all your senses are open. Perceive the delicious taste of prepared meals and drinks, discover new scents and flavours specifically combined to activate your sexual energy. The sanctuary is ready for the next phase of the ritual, your eyes are masked and your body perceives ever more intense touch of the massage. The energy vibrates throughout your body at a high level and your pleasure is cosmic. You’re getting into the stage when you do not feel the presence of your physical body, only the emotions and intensity of the sexual energy that transforms into a new life force. You want to feel it more and more intensely and remain in this state. Sexual energy dominates your whole body. You begin to re-perceive your physical body and bliss that has filled you during the ritual.
  • Medium royal rituals
  • paradise of royal delights
    120 min / 500€
  • sensual experience
    90min / 400€
  • Enjoyable experience
    70min / 300€

PLEASE NOTE: Note: all information provided here is in general. More details will be provided via a personal consultation. But I will always keep my secrets.