SEASHELLS DELIGHT MASSAGE gives a deep experience to all your senses. Exotic shells from the far Pacific contain a special blend of sea algaes, enriched with pleasant smells that are gradually released. Exotic blend radiates warmth that heats up the shells, hot shells soothe your muscles and senses, harmonize and provide you with deep relaxation.
Exotic combination of essential oils, warm shells and relaxing music creates energy that heals and harmonizes.
This energy penatrates deep into your muscles and therefore they regenerate easier. Every erogenous zone are discovered and caressed.

This massage is the best combination sensual body massage, lingam massage and regeneration sexual vitality and potency.

Benefits of the massage:

  • relaxation of the senses
  • deep sexual feelings
  • releasing sexual tension
  • regeneration of the genital muscles
  • increased sexual libido
  • Erection recovery
  • whole-body muscle regeneration
  • whole body orgasm feeling