In this article I will share with you my knowledge of tantra and tantric massage that I have learned from many of my teachers and tantricians.

In tantric massage and tantra, the most important factor is the work with the SWADHISTAN chakra, also called KUNDALINI CHAKRA. Many people have this chakra blocked or it is not in balance with other chakras. In literature and many articles we encounter 7 chakras, but in fact, we have a lot more. In massage and therapy, I work with 10-12 chakras.

The energetic strength of this chakra can be found by touch as it has its energy radiation. Each chakra has its own circle of points that specify it and in tantric massage we work exactly with these points. Another important piece of information is that each chakra opens differently, so we also have to work with each chakra differently. (They open in different sides, circular movements are allowed for some, and are totally inappropriate for others).

I often encounter in my practice that the client tells me: “I practice kundalini yoga, I do breathing exercises for SWADHISTAN chakra” etc. My question is: How do you know you need to strengthen this chakra? How do you know it’s not balanced? Do you know what can happen if you have a SWADHISTAN – KUNDALINI chakra in balance and you reinforce it? The client looks at me and says: “It’s trendy and modern, and everybody is doing it now, I’ll have better sex.” So, this misleading information should be put right.

Tantric massage stimulates a minimum of 21-28 points on the body that are connected to other chakras, energy pathways and body networks. It stimulates the SWADHISTAN chakra (kundalini chakra) when the paths are open and the energy generated by the SWADHISTAN stimulation (kundalini chakra), which we perceive as sexual energy, flows freely through the body and creates a feeling of all-body sexual arousal, but without a physically achieved orgasm. An experienced tantrician does not stimulate the penis or vagina at all for this emotional state to occur. But it does take a lot of time to do all the important things. An important part is the various breathing techniques. I always emphasize that tantric massage without proper breathing and the use of breathing techniques is not a tantric massage.

During the tantric massage, the sexual energy generated in SWADHISTAN (kundalini) chakra flows through the body and has many beneficial effects on body and soul. However, physical sexual satisfaction, oral stimulation or any other sexual practices are NOT the goal of this massage. This mistake was made in creating the definition of tantric sex, which is not acceptable at all in professional circles and definitely not by tantric masters in India, Tibet and other parts of the world where tantra is a part of their religion. My teacher explained it to me on a very nice example. You are going to visit the steakhouse restaurant and you know that it’s aimed at steaks; you get a menu with different kinds of steaks. After a busy dinner, you can have a dessert. You will choose some dessert if you feel like having one. Will the restaurant name and its focus change from a steakhouse to a steak confectionery? Why not? And it is the same with tantra and tanric massage. Tantric massage is one thing and sex is another. If a tantric massage is well done, a person does not need an immediate physical sexual act.

In tantric massage, it is very important to be able to work with body and chakras. Improper manipulation leads to disharmony of energy, it can interfere with the mental behaviour and feeling of the individual. In the next article, I will explain the effect of tantra and tantric massage as a therapy.