• TANTRIC DANCE OF LOVERS  is one of the deepest and most intimate tantric lovers’ experiences.
  • Body movements as gentle as the morning breeze.
  • The play of all our senses.
  • The sensual tantra movements of my body  vibrate the sexual energy in every cell of your body. (Tantric movements are slow, based on kundalina yoga and aiming to work with the pelvis)
  • The sensual, subtle, captivating touches of our naked bodies carrie in one rhythm of subtle movements.
  • Mutual touches, tantra kisses, uniform breathing and the transfer of sexual energy.
  • Tantric systematic movements focus on the equal flow of sexual energy and its increase.
  • Deep mutual trust and sexual devotion.



  • An important part is touching the face, playing with hair, special touches the nape of the head. (Applying slight pressure to certain pressure points on your head can affect specific organs, regulate blood circulation, and relieve stiffness and tightness in your body).
  • Tantric dance of lovers is carried out standing and sitting, minimum lying.
  • Movements are slow but mutual and focused.
  • Use of warm oil necessary.
  • For start is necessary tantric opening ceremony.
  • Important work with the breath.
  • Included tantric sex.



  • 70 min 250 eur
  • 90 min 350 eur
  • 120 min 450 eur

Is me pleasure share this unique energy and moment with you.