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TANTRA and what to expect from it

TANTRA and what to expect from it The aim of Tantric massage is to find yourself by means of a deep peace, as well as discovery and processing of your own emotions. Do not attend Tantric massage in order to … Read More


Dear client, I present you the news in my offer, new tantric massage. It belongs among the more intense tantric massage. Kashmir Tantric ritual –  uses resonances of a bell and a bowl, which creates vibrations at precisely determined points … Read More


TANTRICAL MASSAGE AND ITS ESSENCE In this article I will share with you my knowledge of tantra and tantric massage that I have learned from many of my teachers and tantricians. In tantric massage and tantra, the most important factor … Read More


Seven chakras In a human body, there is an existence of seven prominent chakras or Kundalinis as depicted in Patanjali Yoga Sutra – the most ancient and systematic form of yoga literature. These chakras are (from the base layer to … Read More

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