The majority of people like to look for some unusual and special techniques to create sexual energy. These techniques are needed for them to create sexual energy.

     Dark Tantric sex  is for people who are looking for special techniques, howewer there are strict rules that must be followed while using this tantric method. The philosophy of tantric massage must be kept as well as the right order and goals.

Dark Tantric sex combines tantric techniques with the usage of soft bandages, bondage, binding, whipping on different levels, usage of bamboo sticks etc.  Moving between two extremes in this case BDSM with tantric features and singing rituals brings harmony and fulfilment for practitioners.

Dark Tantra maximises inner sexual energy by fulfilling ones special needs. BDSM triggers sexual energy and tantric techniques will bring the energy into spiritual sphere so harm, only can naturally happen. Receiver has full control over the intensity of BDSM.

Use of an unique assortment of ancient esoteric techniques, mesmerising touch and expert control to entice and focus all of your senses. Dark tantric sex is unique sensual bodyplay, blends tantric and taoist principies, incorparating slow, meditative and playful strokes, with expert caresses, soft silk bondage techniques and all kinds of sensory focusing tools.

     Dark Tantric sex belongs to YIN and YANG group of tantric sexual rituals. On the one side YIN  means in this case release of sexual energy through these special BDSM techniques , on the other side YANG represents fulfilment by using tantric rituals, techniques, massages, meditation or tantric breathing exercise.

     Tantric masseur – masseuse holds a positon as a guide through this dark tantric ritual. All techniques are discussed and carefully selected before tantric procedure.

 DARK TANTRIC SEX general use:

  • Light bondage
  • Gentle to severe whipping
  • Rose bud/ prostate play
  • MAITHUNA (Tantric sex)
  • control orgasm

Schedule of  Dark tantric massage:

  • invitation
  • discussion about BDSM techniques
  • body cleanse (shower)
  • breathing exercises
  • introductory tantric ritual
  • preparation for dark massage (soft bandages, binding, fastening)
  • dark tantric massage (included whipping)
  • maithuna (tantric sex)
  • lingam worship
  • prostate massage
  • relaxation after massage
  • shower


90 min  400 EUR
2 hours  500 EUR

3 hours 700 EUR


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