Tantra - the path of mutual sensuality

Level 2 - the 2nd level of tantric massages and tantric pleasures (intermediate) - Tantra, the path of mutual sensuality

The 2nd level of tantric massages is intended for those clients who have already completed at least 5 tantric massages of the 1st level or have been cooperating with me for a long time and have undergone sensory therapies, sensory rituals or the Conscious Touch course.

It requires deeper cooperation and involvement in tantric massage. While the 1st level is purely about the rule saying that the client is a receiver and the tantric masseuse is a giver, the 2nd level contains mutual tantric massage, i.e. at the beginning the client is a receiver and the masseuse a giver and then the client becomes a giver and the masseuse a receiver.

If the client has completed my Tantric Massage course it can take up to 2 hours, if he has not completed the course it can take up to 3,5 hours of which 1,5 hour is always the theoretical part, where I teach you how to proceed with tantric massage of a woman, how to generate sexual energy, how to locate energy blocks, how to increase sexual sensuality and vibrations, how to fill a partner with sexual energy and satisfaction and much more.

In addition to building mutual partner trust, a significant effect of mutual tantric massage is getting to know your sexual feelings and vibrations as well as your partner’s, increasing sexual sensuality, sexual sensitivity and use of sexual energy. Nowadays, this act, when a man can give a woman deep sexual sensual experiences by conscious touch without sexual intercourse and without requiring other sexual practices, is considered to be the strength and power of the so-called: alpha-male. You can read more about this in my book, or you can learn about it in my Tantric Massage and Conscious Touch courses.

The necessary part is:

  • Common cleansing ritual
  • Conscious breath synchronization
  • Concentration
  • Worship of the body as the only source of emotional experiences and a tool for experiencing the emotions and power of sexual energy
  • Opening a pure feeling of joy from touch
  • Building mutual trust
  • Adherence to all the rules of tantric massage and its principles
  • Definition of tantric roles (receiver and giver)
  • Respect for the flow of sexual energy
  • Respect for the spiritual aspect of the approach to male and female sexuality
  • High hygienic standard
  • Conscious tantric and massage body touches
  • Acceptance of sexual energy and tantric pleasures as a spiritual path to sensuality


In no case is it a sexual act, sexual activities oriented towards orgasm or other sexual activities that devalue the principles of tantra, tantric rituals and massage. The goal is not an orgasm with ejaculation.

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