TANTRA and what to expect from it

TANTRA and what to expect from it

The aim of Tantric massage is to find yourself by means of a deep peace, as well as discovery and processing of your own emotions.

Do not attend Tantric massage in order to fulfil your physical sexual aspirations. It is not the aim of this massage and your intention will not be fulfilled. The goal of Tantric massage is to work with your emotions, and to fill them. Stimulating energy paths in your body gives life-giving energy the opportunity to flow all over your body and you feel a deep peace and fulfilment. Human contact, which can be even more intense, hugs, and touches are targeted and designed to give you a sense of belonging to life, people, and emotions.

The intense flow of such pure energy to the whole body, which results from the stimulation of points on the body, often reminds us of the sensation that we achieve through orgasm, but this occurs on a totally different basis and for a totally different purpose. In order to achieve this, it is important to perform a number of steps.

Tantra is a philosophy, a lifestyle, a set of habits and thinking. You have to approach Tantric massage prepared. Tantra as such is a collection of meditations, breathing exercises, mantras, yantras, purifying rituals, yoga, food, dancing, and fragrances. This basic set of techniques adapts our body and mind, opens energy channels and teaches us self-control. The basis of any spiritual technique is: “Mind and body must be pure to be fulfilled.”

It is a big mistake to believe that Tantra ONLY means working with sexual energy. Tantra ALSO means working with sexual energy. This error is the result of the interpretation of the 2nd sacred chakra of Swadhisthana, which is often interpreted only as a source of sexuality. Swadhisthana is connected with sexuality, but also with creativity, creation, imaginativeness, and our aspirations. However, it deals not just with sexual desires but also life goals, the pleasure of our work, creation. Its element is water, which is still changing, moving, and its location in the body is often associated with movement.

Activating one chakra is not enough. In order for the energy flow in the body to be even and so that you have the feeling of a whole-body emotional experience, all the chakras must be in balance. Making energy flow at one level which then hits a block (closure) at a higher level leads to an emotional disaster.

Tantra and Tantric massages and rituals are unrelated to age, look, underwear, breast size or penis size. I recently saw an ad looking for tantric masseuses aged under 35. I had to laugh. What has the age to do with a good quality tantric massage? One of my mentor – a tantric masseuse – is 79 years old and I even meet tantric masseurs over 100!!! They often live alone in seclusion, in mountains, or by the rivers where they can live with Tantra. People come to them to learn tantrism and find their inner peace and balance.

Do you know how this ad sounds to real tantric masseurs? Probably like this: Looking for a teacher of Religious Education aged under 35, good looking, no need to have experience, we will give you a brief training. I have long ago given up any explaining.

Here is the exact misconception of Tantra and Tantric massage and misuse of the word Tantra. The goal is not to create sexual aspirations using body and means of clothing. You should live Tantra YOURSELF as an individual; just as a Buddhist lives Buddhism, a Hindu Hinduism, a Catholic Christianity, so does a Tantric masseur live tantrisms.

But you are curious, you hear the superlatives about Tantric massage and you want to try it, but you do not know anything at all about it. Everything is for the first time in life. It can also be a Tantric massage. I recommend you to go for a Tantric massage wanting to find deep self-rest, peace, relaxation, serenity, restart from common problems and days, find new emotions or heal emotional blocks and pain. Do not go for a sexual Tantric massage; do not give it this wrong direction.

Let the time go freely, listen to the words of your Tantric guide, and leave yourself in his or her hands. Do not try to dominate or master the situation. It is best to come alone and leave your ego at home, in the office or behind the door. It will wait for you. Give your deep SELF the opportunity to show off so that it can be filled with satisfaction and show you your deepest interior. My teacher always emphasises: “Control yourself perfectly and you will dominate the world.”

I wish you many wonderful moments and great experiences in your Tantric massage.