Rituals of delight for men

Rituals and delights of the Egyptian kings

The need to be touched is the oldest form of therapy in the world. A combination of a therapeutic full body ancient massage and more erotic soft touches. Every erogenous zone are discovered and caressed. Combination ancient massage technique and aromateraphy oil. Royal massage is massage combines the physical with the mental, i tis a fusion of enviroment preparation, pressure points and sexual pampering.

Touched in way that intensely increase your sexual arrousal. One of the goals is stimulate energy flows in a way that they extend and increase orgasm. An exiciting body game which brings excitement and pleasure to both the giver and the receiver.

Kings and queens from the ancient Egypt loved to pamper themselves in all walks of life. Delights and rituals were often a sacred act that was followed by lavish dinners, luxury, music, scents, various herbs, sacred candles and massages.

Egyptian faraons, kings and queens were considered to be the ancestors of Gods. Ancient Egyptians used all five
senses to increase their energies, for example they were giving massages purely with closed eyes because it increased their sensitivity and helped them to concetrate energies.

This ritual has more levels of interpretation. Very important part of this process are blindfolded eyes or the use of masks (usually masks that represent some animals in order to gain their energy), herbs, music, drinks and so on) . An experienced therapist increases his levels of sensitivity and senses. The outcome is awakening of the senses, energy synchronisation, healing and increasing inner energies.

It’s always very important to set a goals that we want to reach (finances, power, family, health, new business etc.). According to this we choose combinations of masks, colours, music, herbs, points of the compass and the best time for making this procedures.

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    from €5690 1 day + extra day €1790*
    * Included flight ticket in EU and my accommodation. The Grande Royal Ritual is the celebration of the body at its highest level. The ritual should start with a hot scented herbal bath where a special massage takes place. Relaxation will be ensured by professional care by an experienced masseur by combining aromatherapy and exotic massage. Your physical body is relaxed, all your senses are open. Perceive the delicious taste of prepared meals and drinks, discover new scents and flavours specifically combined to activate your sexual energy. The sanctuary is ready for the next phase of the ritual, your eyes are masked and your body perceives ever more intense touch of the massage. The energy vibrates throughout your body at a high level and your pleasure is cosmic. You’re getting into the stage when you do not feel the presence of your physical body, only the emotions and intensity of the sexual energy that transforms into a new life force. You want to feel it more and more intensely and remain in this state. Sexual energy dominates your whole body. You begin to re-perceive your physical body and bliss that has filled you during the ritual.
  • Medium royal rituals
    5 hours / 1680€
  • paradise of royal delights
    120 min / 500€
  • sensual experience
    90min / 400€
  • Enjoyable experience
    70min / 300€

PLEASE NOTE: Note: all information provided here is in general. More details will be provided via a personal consultation. But I will always keep my secrets. 

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