It is one of my favourite sex games. It offers an infinite number of combinations leading to the only goal – your ecstasy. I sit you down, tie you gently so you can’t touch me, and start playing with you.

I cleverly control all the erogenous points of your body, I am trained for that. I increase your excitement with touches, kisses, aids; you feel the softness of luxury lingerie, or the smell of leather or latex.

I massage the selected parts of your body with seductive dance movements of my body.

I control your orgasm and I won’t let you climax. You beg to touch me, you see me and you feel me. But I continue to escalate your arousal and push your limits of sexual sensitivity higher and higher.

I develop the sexual energy that arose and transform it into deep feelings and unforgettable experiences. Our game is gaining in intensity but I am still in control.

Your Sensual teasing and sexual provacations

Create YOUR OWN experience
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