The most important factor of success in anything is to love yourself. Recently, while working with my clients, I’ve been dealing more and more often with the emotional blocks that we cause to ourselves by the lack of self-love. We often hate our bodies, criticize ourselves, compare ouselves with other people.

Most clients with sexual problems state that their body is the cause. Many hate it, many think they should look different, that they are too short, fat, tall, old, obese, with small sexual organs, bald, etc., and this is their obstacle to a healthy sexual life. Television, magazines, surroundings, friends often suggest a picture of how we should look.

Our surrounding subdues the image of an ideal woman and man, creating emotional blocks that are deeply rooted in our subconsciousness. We forget that we are unique beings born in a unique combination of knowledge, talents and abilities that are embedded in a unique body. This body, which is only the temple of our SELF, is humiliated and devalued by our thoughts… and that it is not good.

We fight wrinkles, cellulitis, birth marks, scars, our body proportions, etc. Only 1 client in 10 tells me that s/he likes and appreciates her/his body as it is. It is very important to love ourselves. I love my body, I thank it every night for how it works, how it helps me daily, what it does for me. I adore every bit of myself.

It also took me some time to accept myself as I am. I was like you, looking for flaws and thinking that a perfect body would bring me happiness and success. Today I know every little part of my body, I know all my acupressure points, I know my erotogenic zones, I know what my body likes and what brings it to discomfort. 12 years ago, after overcoming a serious illness, I made myself a promise

. My body is and will always be praised and loved by myself. Start loving yourself. Put off your clothes and look at your perfection in the mirror, all you see is YOURSELF. So love yourself, only then can you achieve everything you want in life.

Don’t be critical, don’t judge and just ask. Ask your body the question: What do you want? What can I do for you? Excuse yourself to your body for all the bad things you thought about it and it will begin to serve you. I have prepared for you a course called SELF-LOVES about getting to know your body.

The course is also available online. It is my pleasure to meet you personally. Love for ourselves and everything in our lives is the way to a successful life in everything. Love yourself.