In modern life, for many people the topic of erection or climax is still taboo. Many people lose their energy by unnecessarily thinking about sex. The cause is insufficient sexual satisfaction in sexual intercourse. Erection problems, problems with maintaining an erection and reduced libido have more than 52% of men between 40 and 70 years of age.

Day-to-day stress, poor lifestyle, overweight, illness, medicines, alcohol, smoking, worries, fears, partner quarrels, dissatisfaction, mental exhaustion, lack of sleep, muscle stiffness, all this affects your sexual vitality and potency.

Life sexual vitality must be built up and male potential maintained. There are many ways. One of them is a special massage of deeper muscles. It is achieved by using heat. The temperature is precisely determined to act in the right muscle layers.

For this purpose, I use the mussels from the Pacific, which have their thickness and maintain the specified temperature. During the massage, stress is relieved in the deeper spheres of the muscles and the body regenerates more quickly. Deep relaxation cleanses your subconscious fears.

Heat also affects the deeper muscular sphere of the genitalia, regenerates blood flow, helps maintain a healthy and vital lingam and the entire genital area.

SEASHELLS DELIGHT MASSAGE gives a deep experience to all your senses. Exotic shells from the far Pacific contain a special blend of sea algaes, enriched with pleasant smells that are gradually released. Exotic blend radiates warmth that heats up the shells, hot shells soothe your muscles and senses, harmonize and provide you with deep relaxation.
Exotic combination of essential oils, warm shells and relaxing music creates energy that heals and harmonizes.
This energy penatrates deep into your muscles and therefore they regenerate easier. Every erogenous zone are discovered and caressed.

This massage is the best combination sensual body massage, lingam massage and regeneration sexual vitality and potency.

Benefits of the massage:
- relaxation of the senses
- deep sexual feelings
- releasing sexual tension
- regeneration of the genital muscles
- increased sexual libido
- Erection recovery
- whole-body muscle regeneration

-whole body orgasm feeling


70 min 350 EUR

90 min 450 EUR

2 hours 600 EUR

Please pay attention:  SEASHELLS DELIGHT MASSAGE keeps your body in a deep sexual feeling, includes working in the genital area as part of therapy.  Can included prostate massage.  Massage includes a sexual intercourse or other sexual penetration. We create new sexual experience and feeling. Sexual penetration is important part of massage. For long lasting sexual activity is deep and unique sexual act very important.