Are you afraid of losing your sexual vitality and potency over the years?

Do you would like to control your ejaculation?

Do you want to keep your prostate healthy and vital?

Do you would like multiple orgasm without ejaculation?

Do you desire provide long sexual pleasure for woman?

Regularly treat your sexual senses with massage multiple touch with orgasm.

For men, the art of staying relaxed in high states of arousal actually gives more energy to orgasm. A man can have a full body orgasm without ejaculation. Practicing lovemaking without ejaculation can give increased pleasure, which may result in multiple orgasms. I propose that you develop the experience and enjoy the journey to your sexuality.

Touched in way that intensely increase your sexual arrousal. One of the goals this massage is stimulate energy flows in a way that they extend and increase orgasm.

Brings your body to orgasm without ejaculation. Special breathing help you hold your body in deep orgasmic feeling. We again and again create this feeling.

Unique massage keeps you feeling orgasm and excitement. This massage is focus most for lingam massage, prostate massage and focus of  training of squeeze of your PC muscle (pelvic floor muscles), for building up stamina for full penetration. Important part is full body massage with open your senses and maithuna.

Maithuna is unique ancient technique for deep body orgasm, when woman seat on lingam, without moving. Perform breathing and contraction of pelvic floor muscles.

For lover of touch and play with intimate part of body. Guarantees long-lasting and deep sexual feelings. Finally, I´d like to suggest you prepare some extra, to make your multiple touch with orgasm even more memorable and magical.


Are many levels of multiple orgasm. Beginner who never touched with tantric practice, can reach deep sexual feeling on 1-2 level. Get to know beginner  STOP-START technique.

Multiple touch with orgasm for BEGINNER is way:

  • how to train sexual stamina,
  • keep prostate healthy,
  • deepening sexual arousal,
  • prolongation of sexual intercourse
  • train pelvic floor muscle
  •  touch with feeling whole body orgasm on 1 LEVEL
  • deep sexual experience




  • 70 min 250 EUR
  • 90 min 350  EUR
  • 120 min 450 EUR
  • 150 min 550 EUR
  • 180 min 650 EUR