Mistress of slaves

Welcome to My world of slavery.  Here men exist only to satisfy My desires. 

 Are you craving to serve Me, slave? Are you ready to be used and humiliated for My pleasure?

Obey Me!  Prove to me that you are suitable for my favour and that you are able to satisfy my requirements.

My slave is my property. If you think someone is you, you’re nobody with me. I am not interested in your needs at all, and if you want to be my slave, you must be ready to serve me, to be humiliated, punished, but also rewarded.

My needs, wishes and moods are different and you have to be ready to satisfy them. Every slave of mine must go through the ritual of slaves.

I do not tolerate mistakes, my slave must do every activity as the most important in the world. Disobedience, mistakes, inconsistencies, lack of worship of me, inability to severely punish. Only the best of the best can serve me.

You will either become the best slave or you are completely uninteresting to me and I have no reason to waste my precious time with you. Prove that you are the one who is to have my favour.

When I want you are my dog.  When I want you are bitch. When I want you are my horse. When I want you are masseur. When I want you are my furniture. When I want you are my maid.  (my toilet, my cleaner, my sex toy).

You are it,  what I demand.

Write to me an email and answer my question (info@goddessoftouch.eu)

1, Why do you think you are the right one to be my slave?

2, What are you able to do for me of what other men are not able?

3, What can you offer me?

And I will decide if you are interesting to me.


Create YOUR OWN experience
Treat yourself - you deserve it!

You can read about them on this page and then build and order your tailored experience on the Order page.
  • Experience 4 - EXCLUSIVE
    from €7990 obroad / 1day
  • to serve and obey 1 month
    start minimum of €8990
  • to serve and obey 1 week
    start minimum of €3490
  • Experience 2
    2-3 hours / start minimum of €1000-€1200
  • Experience 1
    60 - 90 min / start minimum of €550 - €600

Let's build your custom experience

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