Magic sexual and sensual rituals

The mysterious power of sexual energy created during various rituals has been used for ages. Myths for the superstitious or reality?

Many of you have surely imagined mysterious groups of magicians, sacrifices of young girls – virgins, animals, etc. Sexual energy has been used since the creation of the world.

What is a ritual?

Any activity that is repeated at a certain time and place. We perform many rituals throughout the day; morning hygiene – a ritual, drinking coffee from the same mug – a ritual, going to work the same way – a ritual, at home we have our specific place at the table – a ritual.

These are common rituals. However, when we think about it more deeply, we don’t feel like giving them up. Imagine breaking your favourite coffee mug. Only the idea of ​​having to get used to a new one is invoking mixed feelings. There is an explanation to this, but I will deal with it in a different article.

It is worth considering the fact that humans are the only creatures on the planet that are able to create sexual energy at any time.

Why is it so?

Why do animals have a mating season when they perform a lot of RITUALS to get their partner, the goal of which is to attract the best partner for securing the next generation and satisfying their animal sexual needs?

How would we behave if we had our biorhythm set up as an animal? The answer is simple, we would perform the rituals to reach our goals; we would devote ourselves to preparations, concentrate our energy and put the maximum effort to fulfil the goal – SEXUAL RITUAL.

There are a whole range and many different levels of sexual rituals. Many of you think about sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex. But it is only the most basic and simple stage of the creativity that is inherent to everyone.

Nowadays, studies show that we are unable to master even this basic stage. We often think about sexual activity for hours and the result is 7-9 seconds of an average orgasm.

The purpose of sexual rituals is to create strong sexual energy at a certain time and place, with certain objects, through a targeted meditation, exercise, drinks, food, people, and so on. Sexual energy is created not only by physical contact, but also imagination and self-knowledge.

The ability to use sexual energy increases depending on the level you are able to cope with. We can use every kind of energy, sexual energy included.


We can target the created sexual energy to achieve different goals, such as achieving financial stability, health, high performance in sport, dynamic presentation while having a speech, gaining a new house, apartment, work, etc.

It is important to choose a positive goal only. Here I would recommend you to be cautious.

Welcome to the world of rituals and take advantage of the gift you have.

I’m presenting some of the sexual rituals I chose for my site. I’ve been teaching for a long time how to work with sexual energy, rituals and other disciplines.

My respect for energies and my teachers doesn’t allow me to publish details. I will gladly prepare a customized ritual for you, but targeted to positive goals only.



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