Lingam training and flexing/breathing is a profound technique for men, which enhances stamina and semen retention, increases circulation and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

       Coaching in this technique has 3 levels, 1 level is online (possible personal training), 2-3 levels need personal consultation and training.

       All things that you learn in this course can be applied in a sexual encounter or masturbation. You learn a lot about male sexuality, which will automatically lead to better experiences.




  • potency and sexual vitality
  • healthy onset of erection,
  • full fledged sexual life
  • healthy sexual self-confidence
  • ability to maintain an erection for an extended period of time
  • 100% erection quality  without sagging during intercourse
  • prolongation of sexual intercourse
  • reach full body orgasm without ejaculation
  • multiple orgasm
  • healty prostate


You can read about the details on this page and then build and order your tailored experience on the Order page.

  • 1 LEVEL
    Includes 14 hours of online consultation and 20 email consulations  for 28 days. During the consultation we will learn breathing techniques, uniform force technique - even compression of pelvic floor musle and its control. You independently train the learned techniques and keep a working book. You will learn the technique of the dragon's tail (a special technique consisting of a combination of masturbation, weight load and breathing). After completing the course, you will be prepared to independently train the time length of the erection and the targeted prolongation of sexual intercourse.
  • 2 LEVEL
    Personal lingam training 10 hours (during 1 month), practical training for full body orgasm. In depth information about this level I provide by consultation. This level is possible, only after completion first level. 
  • 3 LEVEL
    Personal training for mulitple orgasm with out ejaculation. In depth information about this level I provide by consultation. This level is possible, only after completion first and second level. Included 10 hours (during 1 month).
    (I travel for the private workshop in EU region, price doesn't include my expenses)

PLEASE NOTE: Price is for 1 person, for more people please ask me for price

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