Everyone’s life is marked by life experiences, often pain and also various traumas.
Especially our intimate life often suffers because of our opinions, limitations, feelings of inadequacy, experiences of humiliation from our partner.

The pressure of social media and the creation of false images about sexuality and intimacy takes away our joy in sex, our confidence in ourselves and thus we are afraid to express our sexuality.

Returning to an intimate life after a long separation or loss of a partner tends to be difficult and fraught with fears of failure.

Whatever is bothering you has a solution, years of practice have shown me that everything can be resolved and bring new energy into your sexual and intimate life.

My many years of experience in working with sexuality, body and sensuality has helped many men from all over the world in the following areas:
– To gain confidence in themselves when they want to start living intimately again after a long separation,
– get rid of porn addiction and feel the joy and naturalness of the sexual act again
– erectile dysfunction caused by trauma or lack of confidence
– to improve their sexual skills and become the perfect lover
– learn tantric, sensual and sensory techniques and massages
– learn the basics of BDSM and more.


I travel all over the world to see my clients, but I choose the meeting place for intimate therapy very carefully.

It is always a place away from your home. Creating the new is contingent on the new environment. I will suggest a place according to the intention of our meeting. Usually it is Central Europe, Finland, Greek or Italian islands, Croatia. Never capitals and big metropolises.


For a minimum of 2 days or more. We can’t solve anything in 2-3 hours and everything takes time.


Depends on time, location and difficulty. I will work out a customized price based on detailed information. Please be honest, the more honest you are the more I can help you.


50% of the service price and 100% of the accommodation and travel costs in advance.


In case of unforeseen circumstances (illness, important work obligations, family matters, natural disasters, etc.) the meeting will be rescheduled by mutual agreement, but no later than 6 months from the first agreed date.
The advance payment is non-refundable