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I dedicate this book to all people who are afraid to express their sexual dreams, desires and fantasies. You will find here stories from my many years of practice which will show you what people are willing to pay for in the world of sex. Together, we will go through sexual fantasies of various kinds, sexual dreams and desires of not only men but also couples.

Many of you often ask me if it is healthy to have sexual fantasies and sexual dreams. After reading this book, most of you will recognize that your dreams are perfectly fine and that you can still develop your sexual imagination and fulfil your sexual dreams without remorse or thinking about their righteousness.

Sexual dreams and fantasies are so broad-spectrum that what is considered common for someone is sexual fantasies for others and vice versa.

Some long for romance, others for BDSM games, there are people who like sex in nature, or humiliation, those who are excited by various sex games, and many prefer tenderness. Some long for sexual adrenaline, others long for pain.

In the book you will learn where men adore making love, what sex games they like, what sexual surprises bring them to maximum excitement, what they are willing to pay in order to satisfy their sexual desires and fantasies. I will show you various places and countries, cultures and sexual fantasies of men of different nationalities.

I will reveal to you behind the scenes of the preparations and the course of the most luxurious sex parties in the world. I will take you through secret homesteads where sex games and slavery are performed.

The book is composed of individual stories, which I have chosen to represent all areas of sexual desire and fantasy, from tenderness and romance to the most exceptional sexual games.

For maximum protection and discretion to all my clients I do not use any names. In each story, the client is identified only as a client and I also do not mention any names of cities or parts of the countries. Many of you are certainly curious about the prices. I mention them for guidance as well.

My thanks go to every single client who has shown and is still showing me their trust, and that I can be the one who fulfils your sexual dreams and fantasies. Without you, this book would not exist. Each of your emails and fantasies is a new challenge for me and it is an honour for me to create and materialize your dreams into reality. I look forward to each of you.

The world of sex has no boundaries; the only boundary is our mind.

Welcome to the world of fulfilled sexual desires and fantasies.

First online stories coming soon here……



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