Dear clients,

There is nothing static in the universe, neither I nor your desires and needs. Everything develops dynamically and creates a unique combination of time, feelings, emotions and memories in one moment.

As Baltasar Gracián said: “The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.”

I focus on clients who are characterized by a high degree of individuality. Be demanding; I’m ready

THIS ELITE MEETING IS set of best of best what I offer, and put you in unique combination of my skills, time, uncommon variants of pleasure, rare moments.
When is time doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist limit for an experience.

I would like you to relax from the very first moment of our meeting, to forget about everyday worries for a few days, to breathe in strength and enjoy pleasures, gourmet experiences and bodily pampering. I believe that during our meeting, you will experience enough of it, and together we will fulfil your dreams and desires.

Whatever, and however unusual, your intention to meet me might be, I am able to assess it very quickly and prepare the best solution for you to fulfil your individual wishes.

I realize that I can only grow when the fulfilment of my clients’ wishes and dreams and the constant development of your imagination and needs will grow.

Follow your desires, because when desire dies, fear is born.

FLY ME TO YOU (price depends on your requests and duration) tailored offer

WEEKEND WITH ME (price depends on your requests and duration) tailored offer

 OUR HOLIDAY (price depends on your requests and duration) tailored offer