There are the largest number of nerve endings around the lingam and on it itself. The sensitive touch creates a movement of energy that stimulates nerve endings and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Every part of the penis is connected to a specific organ, so it is important to properly stimulate each connection.

During the massage, various receptors located in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and irritation in the tendons, joints and muscles are irritated. By acting on these zones, we can indirectly affect some organs, each and only locally performed massage has an impact on the whole body.

During lingam massage, there is intense congestion of the whole area, which has a beneficial effect on erection and sexual activity.
Nowadays, sitting predominates over movement and the genitals do not have the opportunity to bleed through movement, compression of the genitals without movement (while sitting) is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction.

The effect results from the action of special touches. These have characteristic peculiarities during lingam massage, which allow them to influence the organism in various ways. During lingam massage, an important technique is based on the alternation of irritating and relaxing touches.

Positive effects of lingam massage:
Please, pay attention

At the same time, lingam massage is not suitable after a hearty meal, after excessive physical exertion, during general exhaustion and after drinking alcohol or after the influence of drugs.

 The massage is relaxing, healing and works with the sexual energy of a man. There are no sexual practices during the massage. There is often a multiple climax of a man, but this is not the main focus of the massage.